Teenage Struggle

My weight has been a struggle throughout my life. During my teenage years, as they say now, “the struggle was real”.  My relationship with food was unhealthy.  I indulged in my Mom’s casseroles and basic meat and potato meals while others began the “fat shaming”.  With that, the yo-yo dieting began.  My Mom was amazing in so many ways but cooking was not her forte’.  My love for food began when I started trying to spruce up her recipes.  Notice that we’re talking a lot about food, but none about exercise.  Although I was in gymnastics during my teenage years, I did not have a regular exercise routine.

Twenties and Thirties

Like many twenty-somethings, my metabolism and my ambitions were high.  I lost what people call the “baby fat” and maintained my weight through a busy, hectic work schedule but I still did not feel healthy.  Why would I?  Again, no exercise and no set nutrition.  Like clockwork, when my 30s came knocking, I became pregnant and remained pregnant for four years.  I carried my first daughter, Micayla, almost full term, but she died at birth as she was premature (incompetent cervix).  I became pregnant again, only to miscarry at 3 months.  Finally, we were blessed with Jess in 1996 and Dan 15 months later.

Pregnancy took its toll on my body.  I was on bed rest at times, had the chicken pox, and a major case of the flu.  With all these ailments, I lost a lot of weight and again, did not exercise.

Getting ready to Transform 

In my 40’s my love for food and baking led me to open my own bakery after years of culinary school and Pastry Chef work.

Although, I relished owning my own business and doing what I loved, I decided to sell when my Mom (and best friend) was diagnosed with ALS. ALS is a horrible, debilitating disease.  While my Mom was dealing with ALS , my Dad required open heart surgery.  I jumped in and helped them get through this  when they could not be together .  ALS eventually took my Mom’s life and many years later, as I was turning 50, I lost my Dad.  On his death bed, I promised him I would get healthy and that became my “why”.

 The Transformation

I immediately started researching what would work to burn the fat quickly.  My research led me to swimming.  I wasn’t ready for laps so I took swim lessons.  Although, not the most exciting thing, the lessons led me to water fitness.  Music, aerobics, and strength training in a pool – what’s not to love?  A new world of fitness opened up for me.  Not only was it easy on the joints and muscles but I absolutely loved it.  I loved it so much that I became a certified instructor.

I knew that the water fitness alone wasn’t enough and with that I began to study nutrition and strength training.  Joining Beachbody and learning about the super foods, portion control, and clean eating, along with my intro to strength training, was a game changer in my fitness journey.  So much so that I want to take you on this journey.  I learn something new every day.  In fact, I am now a Beachbody Coach and I’m enjoying sharing my journey through my website and social media outlets.  What you see is what you get. No filters, just all sweat, hard work, and clean eating.  I’m 50 +pounds less in this journey but I’m past talking about scales and weight.  It’s all about feeling good and taking care of myself properly.  When you practice eating clean and the proper exercise regime, you can throw those scales away. I hope my story has inspired you.   I am always a work in progress. I have a lot of work left to do to meet my goals.   Do you?  Ready, set, let’s transform together!

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